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  1. Jacques C aux Gorges du Verdon , le 05 août 2009 à 23:05 : autant une balise qui se déplace en bloc “par inadvertance” Ça, c’est le genre de truc qui me ferait vraiment… baliser!

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  3. It's lovely to hear from a picture book author and I think this is a tricky genre too. I agonise over every word I write for this age group. But isn't it fantastic when it all 'clicks'?

  4. These colours are just lovely together. I love the detail of the skirt at the back. And, thank you for the post you did about skirts not so long ago. Everytime I look at a skirt, I like to see some sort of detailing, a la Audi, before I even consider trying it on!

  5. Genuino trabajo en equipo! Tu post me ha hecho reflexionar sobre el entusiasmo, que creemos motor de los proyectos profesionales y vitales, aunque ahora creo que por sí mismo el entusiasmo no lleva más que a la autocomplacencia, pues precisa de algo que le revista de sentido: la empatía con el otro, con el entorno, con los problemas de las personas. Empatía más entusiamo= capacidad de cambiar y transformar=sabiduría. Y creo que también método para superar los individualismos.

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  12. Speaking as a student currently in industrial design, I still find those research and inspiration presentations to be total bullshit; I always have to laugh a little as people stretch metaphors and hyperbole's beyond any tangible purpose.

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  26. I can’t believe this. Jane Falion sent me over because she knows how much I love Paris (just finished a set of posts on it not too long ago) and that my art passion is mixed media. This is the most complex, elegant, glorious piece of art; I couldn’t imagine anything better. It is such a treasure. I’m so glad I came by!

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  35. Thank you for these posts. I am going to try to do “Heritage Badges” with my girls this year and know know what books to look for in our Council Library. Thanks again!!!

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  40. Thanks for replying Dale. It just seemed like Katie was implying that we should take all of Paul’s teachings at face value.Your point about one of Paul’s teachings overriding another one of his teachings brings up a question I’ve been wrestling with lately: what are the rules for deciding which verse is right and which verse is wrong when two (or more) verses contradict each other? Sorry if this is off topic.

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